Jobs on the Out

Jobs on the Out


A job interview can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but much more so if you’re in prison.  You’ve lost the knack of presenting yourself professionally, of remembering the types of questions you’re likely to be asked, and then there’s the huge anxiety of how to talk about your offence.


We developed:

–          A 2-day training course covering how to create a good first impression, what employers are looking for, how to tackle disclosure and giving plenty of practice through role plays and group work.  This can be run either in a custodial or community setting.

–          A DVD, student handbook and set of facilitators’ notes, in conjunction with Prospects.  In the DVD, employers who knowingly take on ex-offenders talk about why they do it and what they’re looking for; and ex-offenders who are now in regular employment and pursuing a career talk about their achievements and the advice they’d give to others.

Jobs on the Out – Business in the Community from Media For Development (MFD) on Vimeo.


The course led to the restructuring of HMP Wandsworth’s Job Club.   Over 200 people attended the course in 2011 and the response was overwhelmingly positive both from participants and the prison management team.

80% of students said they felt more motivated to look for employment;
90% said they felt more confident in their interview skills;
97% said they understood better what employers are looking for
77% said they felt more confident about disclosing their offence


If you are interested in running a Jobs on the Out course or buying a DVD, contact Christy McAleese on 020 7033 2170.