James Greenshields – Chief Executive

James Greenshields – Chief Executive


James Greenshields

What do I do?

I am the Chief Executive for Media for Development

Why contact me?

To find out more about Media for Development and to discuss new projects.

About me:

James’s career has included time as a teacher in Kenya and Honduras, as a journalist with the BBC World Service and other international broadcasters in Southern Africa, and as an editor at GQ Magazine.

While working in Africa, James realized the potential of generating broadcast material with local communities, leading to the development of new skills and confidence. In 1994, he established Radio for Development in response to these new opportunities in Africa, the Indian sub-continent, and the Caribbean. In 2005, Media for Development (MFD) was launched, reflecting the multiple media platforms that the organization was now working with. Through MFD, a range of new initiatives and social businesses has been launched, including Inside Job Productions, Young Dads TV, and Prison Media.

James is also currently involved in the development of new social initiatives in the UK and internationally, including the establishment of the UK’s first social business offering support services to older LGBT people.