Award-winning Plan B begins a new season

 grace award

The NPR Awards – Photography: Arthur Hagues 

After a successful and exciting first series, the jointly funded NOMS Co-financing Organisation (NOMS CFO)/European Social Fund (ESF) Prison Radio Project ‘Plan B’ has just started broadcasting a new series of weekly programmes.

The first series success was highlighted recently when Plan B won the ‘project of the year’ award at the Prison Radio Association Awards.

‘A sensational result!’ said Grace, the Project manager. ‘I was genuinely touched that NPR selected us as a winner, citing our ambitious hard work within a challenging environment’.

Plan B is broadcasted weekly on the National Prison Radio. Project Manager Grace travels around England to explore custodial and community projects that offer resettlement and rehabilitation opportunities for offenders. Grace will also carry on conducting workshops in prisons and working directly one to one with groups of offenders to create and gather meaningful content for the programme.

Media for Development is very grateful for all the support it has received from Prisons and the PRA in making this a thriving project. The success of the first series and aspirations for the new one are shared with all those who contributed to the making of the programme.

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