We’re featured in The Guardian.

Media for Development’s ‘Young Dads TV‘ project features in the Guardian online as a winner of the 2011 Nominet Internet Awards.

The Guardian online features Young Dads TV

Nominet’s ‘Internet Awards’ hub on Guardian’s news website features Young Dads TV, winner of the award in 2011.

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Nominet’s zone on The Guardian online is used to promote the Nominet Internet Awards 2013

Media Network – Nominet partner zone | The GuardianMedia Network – Nominet partner zone
One article features a film celebrating Young Dads TV’s 2011 Nominet Internet Award . . . 
Young Dads TV videoNominet Internet Awards 2011 winner YoungDads.tv is the first online support for young dads, designed and made by the young dads themselves
. . . whilst a second article bring readers up to date on Young Dads TV’s exciting developments to date.
Young Dads TV is the authentic voice of young fathersWinners of the ‘Empowering young people and citizens category’ at the Nominet Internet Awards 2011, Young Dads TV is the authentic voice …

Reaction on Twitter:

You deserve it! RT @YoungDadstv: Thanks to the @guardian & @Nominet for the Young Dads TV feature! http://www.guardian.co.uk/media-network/nominet-partner-zone/young-dads-tv-helps-young-fathersBrook
@YoungDadstv @guardian @Nominet well done!!Prym face
Client— @YoungDadstv featured in The Guardian no less. Good work fellas (with a little bit of help from us) http://www.guardian.co.uk/media-network/nominet-partner-zone/young-dads-tv-helps-young-fathersSunday
@YoungDadstv Good luck gentlemen. You’re off to an auspicious start.CuteMonster
.@YoungDadstv are on Guardian website today – and that’s a pic by yours truly right there http://www.guardian.co.uk/media-network/nominet-partner-zone/young-dads-tv-helps-young-fathers (thanks to @madebysunday)Nick Miners

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