Great new drama about young dads ahead of Father’s Day 2012 and Inside Job Productions have worked with young dads to produce a new drama series about life as a young parent, ahead of Father’s Day 2012.

‘Me & My Dad’ tells the story of young dad Ryan through the words of his unborn child.

The four episodes are based on the real experiences of young dads and cover: finding out you’re going to be a dadwhat it’s like to be an expectant father (as well as involvement in the pregnancy); the birth of your child; and being an active father – all against the backdrop of contemporary Britain.

They’ve had over two and a half thousand views already, take a look at them here: is the first online community made for and by dads. Keep an eye on the site in the run-up to Father’s Day 2012 for more stories and activities.

Inside Job Productions is a social enterprise making great films with a purpose.

We’d like to thank the young dads of Woolwich for sharing their stories with us, & Working with Men for connecting us with the dads.

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