Inside TV

Inside TV

Inside TV is a 24/7 television channel that runs within HMP Lowdham Grange.  Everything that is seen on screen, from stings and trails to short films and promos have been produced, packaged or repackaged by the serving prisoners.  The channel output runs alongside the seven pathways to offer not only helpful and insightful programming but also programs that have a direct response.  Formats like “Ask the Boss” enable the prisoners to ask the contract director some direct and sometimes probing questions, where as other more light hearted offering invite budding musicians to submit some of their work that is then turned into a music video.

What is not seen on screen is the transformation that takes place between the time a prisoner begins his engagement with Inside TV and the day he leaves.  A process takes place that breaks down barriers, instills teamwork and problem solving and overall increases a prisoner’s confidence.  The ‘learn while you work’ approach also gives the prisoners a motivation to succeed, without the pressure of sitting exams.  This learning by stealth ethos has so far seen 30 non traditional learners complete a 15 week NCFE course in Moving Image Production.

Inside TV offers an avenue of communication that prisoners have often been denied.  These non-traditional media users can engage with different communication techniques, learn from mainstream broadcasters and then use that knowledge to not only become better communicators but also to spread messages, campaigns and regime issues to the rest of the prison population.

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