Future Me

Future Me


Future Me courses are all about offering transferrable employability skills in an engaging and innovative way. Participants create their own personal media piece, either in video, audio or design. Their pieces draw on their life experience to date, offering participants a chance to reflect on their past and think about where they want to head in the future. On the way, they learn valuable IT and presentation skills and on some of the courses can also gain units towards an NOCN qualification.
These courses are valuable for everyone at a transition point in their lives. It may be someone looking for employment, or wanting to find a course of further education or training.


Our ethos is to identify and build on what people have done well in their lives, rather than focusing solely on difficulties, mistakes and failures. We start with strengths and positive experiences and work with use this as think about their future and where they want to go and then giving them the skills to find a creative expression for those ambitions in a short audio, multi-media pieces. Participants leave with a huge sense of personal achievement and a greater sense of optimism.


Christy McAleese

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