Government Service Design Manual

“Services should start with needs”. So says the ‘Government Service Design Manual’. This Service Design Manual is a great tool for any organisation wishing to create services that people really want and need. It’s so good that we are adopting it as our method for developing new services. We announced Lean Social in September, our project […]

Lean Social Development Principles

Media for Development’s Lean Social Development Principles, October 2013

Supporting Innovation in the Social Sector

Sylvia Hines, CEO of Media for Development, talks about the launch of ‘Lean Social’ (a project to support innovation in the social sector) and the need for the voluntary sector to kill its sacred cows.

Services should start with needs

Can creative industries match modern development processes? We’re going to hear from @tomskitomski, @deeceeburns, & @twobobswerver tonight. — MediaforDevelopment (@MFDtweets) September 19, 2013   1. Start with needs, 2. DO LESS, 3. Design with data.. List goes on. Outline how GOV.UK works #producttank — ProductTank (@producttank) September 19, 2013   Aaahhhh… #Empathy…that’s what’s missing […]

Has a Trojan Horse broken big business’ hold on government contracts?

Our potential to influence govt policy was stressed by @rohan__silva & @inthecompanyof last night at @WeChewTheFat – good to hear. — MediaforDevelopment (@MFDtweets) September 17, 2013   “Tech City is a Trojan horse for really cool policies” – Rohan Silva speaking @3_beards. Super talk; super cool dude — Kim Paykel (@kimpaykel) September 18, 2013 […]

Lean Startup + Social Impact = Lean Social

Lean Startup + Social Impact = Lean Social