Prison Radio, Radio Wanno at Buckingham Palace for the Butler Trust Awards

The project manager, radio tutors and champions of Radio Wanno, HMP Wandsworth’s prison radio and media literacy project, Kevin Field, Simon Sujeewon and Donovan McGrath, was awarded a Butler Trust Award at Buckingham palace this week.

“every prison should have a [Radio Wanno]” – “We never dreamed of a visit to Buck House as an outcome of our work”

Kevin, who manages the prison radio project for Media for Development, Simon and Donovan who work for project education partners A4E, started working together in 2008 on the Radio Wanno project have been awarded the group Butler Trust Award for ‘services to prison radio’.

Prison Radio: The Team at The Butler Trust AwardsThe Butler Trust citation said that the team were nominated for their contributions to Radio Wanno, a 24 hour community prisoner led radio station providing vocational skills training for those employed on it, and high quality information, advice and guidance to prisoners across the establishment.Radio Wanno’s participants have won many awards from Koestler arts awards through to Mind Media, IVCA Clarion Awards and a Sony Nomination all for their prison radio programmes.“We never dreamed of a visit to Buck House as an outcome of our work, this award feels very special because it recognises the team and partnerships behind Radio Wanno, it is truly special moment and a day not to forget”  Kevin told the MfD Blog at Buckingham Palace on Monday.

Presented with their Award by the Princess Royal, who is patron of The Butler Trust, Donovan relayed their conversation “Her Royal Highness understood the importance for communication in a prison, and shared her understanding of the power of the radio project to help transform lives”

Simon added “she said every prison should have a [Radio Wanno] and sought assurances that we would continue to work together in the future and share our work with others”

The team alongside other Butler Trust Winners and Commended were treated to afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace as well as receiving their Butler Trust certificate and pins.

The Butler Trust Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievement by people working in prisons, youth justice, probation and criminal justice social work, across the UK.


3 Comments on “Prison Radio, Radio Wanno at Buckingham Palace for the Butler Trust Awards

  1. Well done guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. It helped me and I’m sure you will continue to help others with your work.

    • Thanks for the kind comment Matthew, we’re proud to have been able to work with you.

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